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Found this...


Is this something new or just a Eculizumab clone?


there is still hope!





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It couldn't be a clone because Alexion would have the rights for a certain number of years before generics could be used.   This is the first I've seen on this, thanks for the post, we will look into it.

After reading through the paper, I solicited the opinion of trusted medical advisors, this is what one of them said.

"This is interesting.  It looks like another antibody created to block
C5, being developed by a group of investigators in Europe.  It looks
like in part the research is sponsored by a rare disease network and
has had promising results in animal models of aHUS."

Back to me:  It is the first and only thing I've read about this and even after trying to google it, I could come up with nothing else.  I did notice it was published last year.  Hopefully, the success with Eculizumab does not prohibit other researchers to continue their promising leads! 

I've just posted a blog that might provide some factual info...

Thanks for posting what you've found, we were also assuming that if this project continues it is several years down the road and not something for consideration anytime soon as the process is very long from approval of patents to trials to market.  Based on the need for drugs to treat inflamatory diseases, I certainly hope this type of research continues.

Linda Burke se aid:

I've just posted a blog that might provide some factual info...

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