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The aHUS Alliance is an international federation of 14 nations dedicated to promoting aHUS advocacy around the world.  Recognizing that aHUS information is continually evolving regarding research, genetics, and orphan drug development, the aHUS Alliance offers aHUS Facts that are an accurate, updated and a dynamic resource.

Click HERE for an Overview of the 1st aHUS Awareness Day, Sept. 24 2015

The following resources are provided as an aHUS education and outreach initiative of the aHUS Alliance 

     The aHUS Fact Sheet is a single page (2-sided) document suitable for distribution at aHUS events, for the public to have easy access to basic facts about this disease, or as a resource that individuals or aHUS patient organizations might utilize for interviews or meetings.  It is a shortened version of the aHUS Facts and Key Information Sheet below.


aHUS Fact Sheet

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     The aHUS Facts and Key Information Sheet is what its name implies:  a full version that provides everything on the aHUS fact sheet and MORE - additional information, to include the source citations.  While this document contains information of importance to aHUS patient organizations, aHUS patients and families, and other stakeholders with interests in aHUS, its depth and detail make it best suited as an online resource.

aHUS Facts and Key Information

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     All 14 nations in the aHUS Alliance were offered multiple opportunities to give input and feedback throughout the process of creating these two documents.  Much of the core information was provided by aHUS Canada, with additional studies or articles added and with the inclusion of resources likely to be of interest to stakeholders within the aHUS community.  The final versions of these documents were reviewed by a subcommittee composed of aHUS Key Opinion Leaders from various countries, and have been approved for general release.

The 1st annual international aHUS Awareness Day

 Sept. 24, 2015

Press Release from the aHUS Alliance

(Global Federation of aHUS Patient Organizations)   

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August 12, 2015

aHUS Awareness Day is 24 September, Raising Visibility for Rare Disease Patients with Atypical HUS

Global aHUS Advocacy:  

aHUS Alliance

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