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During this season of thanksgiving and reflection, the Atypical HUS Foundation appreciates your generosity and support for aHUS families. In fall 2014, through an anonymous donor, we appreciated having an anonymous donor sponsor a dollar for dollar matching donation for funds raised through December 31, 2014. 

In 2015, The Atypical HUS Foundation has continued to provide aHUS outreach and education efforts and we want to support patients and families in the coming years as well but this will take effort from all of us. Below are several ideas you are welcome to use. Attached are a set of guidelines we ask everyone to follow when hosting a fundraiser. Should you have any questions, please contact Crystal Ferreira at .


aHUS Shirts: Wear your aHUS t-shirt from the Iowa family conference, and contact us if you'd like to purchase one

  Holiday/Christmas Cookies: Many of us already plan to bake for the holidays. We may have friends and neighbors who don't plan or want to. Why not offer them the opportunity to enjoy the tastes of the seasons with your holiday bake sales to benefit The Atypical HUS Foundation!


  Make the Grade: Considering the stress our younger patients endure, let's highlight how bright they shine through the darkest of times. Students can ask for pledges for their grades at any point prior to the end of their quarter/trimester and collect donations once they receive their report card. Consider pledges of $2 for an "A", $1 for a "B", etc.                                                               


    Change It: We all want to make a change in the somebody's life. Why not help contribute to our research by donating your spare change in a coin jar. Coin jars (decorated mason jars with a slit in the top) can be set out at businesses around your hometown or you could ask neighbors to contribute their spare change for a week. Who knows, some might be inclined to continue doing it.


  Movie Night: team up with your local movie theatre to sell tickets to a popular release on a designated date. Typically profits would accumulate through either a discounted cost that allows you to sell it for face value and profit the difference or a percentage returned (similar to a dine and donate).


  Christmas Ornaments: With a little creativity you can purchase, decorate, and sell ornaments that resemble the foundations bubble logo. These can be clear ornaments or styrofoam spheres purchased online or at a local craft store.


  Piece of the Puzzle: Donors "purchase" a puzzle piece for a set amount ($1, $5, etc.) and write their name or message on the back. Once all the pieces are sold, the puzzle is assembled and framed between 2 pieces of glass so that both the puzzle picture and the names/messages can be viewed. The puzzle becomes a keepsake that can be displayed at future events or conferences. When selecting a puzzle, consider one with larger pieces as it will be easier to fit names and messages.


Spaghetti Feed: Do you have a banquet facility available and volunteers willing to help you host a spaghetti feed? Maybe your local Mason, Elks, or Rotary club will sponsor the food. Sell tickets in advance to help with the planning.


  New Year's Eve Celebration: Not only is the new year a reason to celebrate, but so are all the foundation events currently in the planning stages for 2016! Consider an evening with dinner or hors d'oeuvres and entertainment. If you start now, you may even be able to gather some donations for a silent auction!

Click here for a list of Fundraising Details 

Here are other great WAYS TO HELP raise funds for aHUS research:
Want to help your favorite cause at no extra cost to you?  Join and make a difference every time you shop for the items you need or want.  Over 1500 stores are listed and donate an average of 3% back.  Remember to shop through iGive this holiday season!

Employer Matching
Does your employer participate in a matching program?  Often, employers implement a program that allows the employees to select a charitable organization of their choice to which they donate a designated amount from their paycheck, pre-tax.  The employees' contributions are then matched by their employer, doubling the donation to the organization.  For more information or to find out if your employer has implemented a matching program, contact your HR Department today!

Support aHUS Research!

The Atypical HUS Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

in compliance with IRS guidelines. 

Donations are deductible to the extent allowable by law.



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