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Physicians wishing to explore the use of eculizumab (Soliris®) therapy for patients with atypical HUS are advised to directly contact Alexion Pharmaceuticals, makers of Soliris ® for information related to the only drug approved by the FDA for treatment of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. 

FMI, call 1-888-SOLIRIS.


Alexion Pharmaceuticals provides two sites with detailed information, and the information below is courtesy of Alexion's corporate and informational websites.

To learn more about aHUS, visit To learn more about treatment with Soliris, visit


     Alexion offers OneSource™, a program that provides education, assistance with access to Soliris, and treatment support for patients and their caregivers.  Each patient who enrolls in OneSource will receive one-to-one support from an Alexion Nurse Case Manager who helps coordinate care and assist with obtaining reimbursement. All Nurse Case Managers are registered nurses who have extensive experience caring for patients and working in the health insurance industry

To learn more, call 1-888-SOLIRIS or visit

NOTE:  The Foundation for Chidlren with Atypical HUS is an non-profit organization that does not promote any treatment, drug, therapy, or devices.  We act as an independent voice for aHUS familes, serving as a networking hub that connects information, people, organizations, support, resources, and rare disease advocacy efforts aimed at improving patient outcomes.  Commentary related to any treatment, drug, therapy, or devices is not a real or implied endorsement by our Foundation.




For patients and their families, this website offers a Soliris® Forum.

Looking for a sample of insurance guidelines for eculizumab regarding usage in aHUS or TTP?  Visit Anthem's website for one company's medical policy regarding this drug.  For specific information regarding detailed insurance coverage and medical issues related to Soliris, call 1-888-SOLIRIS.






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