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Emergency Care Card

The Grab N Go Tool Kit is comprised of helpful forms to assist  patients, family members, caregivers, and all who face the challenges of a chronic illness or rare disease.



Emergency Care Card


Emergency Care Card 

A specialized Emergency Card just for rare disease patients and their medical needs!  Who speaks for the patient when accident or injury occurs?  Don't leave anything to chance, make certain that your wallet, backpack or laptop case contains the Emergency Care Card.

A smaller format, easily portable version of the Urgent Care Directives bifold, this emergency card outlines your specialized care, contact information for your personal emergency contacts, and contact information for the Patient's Medical Team.

When patients can't speak for themselves, and the caregiver is not immediately available, the Emergency Care Card steps in to fill the information void by providing vital information necessary for emergency treatment that is rapid and appropriate for aHUS patient needs.

NOTE to Parents of aHUS pediatric patients: This card fits easily within a clear plastic card badge holder, which can be clipped to the child's car seat frame to provide peace of mind when traveling by car. 

Please download the Emergency Care Card for your convenience by clicking here.




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