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Some news has been publically posted regarding the clinical trial of Soliris (eculizumab) for pediatric patients with atypical HUS. As an independent and unaffiliated organization devoted to education, support, and outreach for aHUS patients and families, this interactive website of the Foundation for Children with Atypical HUS recognizes that some in our community are highly interested in this trial.
The National Institutes of Health posted an overview of the trial on Utilize the link:

Find the announcement of aHUS trial results at



The information below is provided courtesy of Bill Biermann:

This page contains some of the most recent research and Powerpoint presentations. (Our Foundation has provided financial support for some of the projects on this page). We are thankful for the dedication shown by the researchers and medical professionals who have contributed. Their work is definitely a vocation!!

2009 Dr. Saland Presentation Powerpoint
Outcome of Renal Transplantation. by Davin

Davin Article
Complement Factor H in Twins by Fremeaux-Bacchi

Fremeaux-Bacchi Study
MCP and Factor H studies by Heinen

Heinen study
Factor H Article by Kavanagh

Saunders Article
General Article - Complement and Atypical HUS

Complement and Atypical HUS

Kemp Research Article
Overall Article

Renal Transplantaton (June 08)
Factor H Detailed study in Spain 2008




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