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aHUS Awareness Day 2016 - Info & Resources

2016 aHUS Awareness Day - 24 September

Information & Resources

     The aHUS Alliance, an international group of atypical HUS patient organizations, has announced its 2nd annual global aHUS Awareness Day campaign will occur on 24 September 2016, dedicated to sharing information and insights into the extremely rare disease…


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aHUS Awareness Day - 24 Sept 2016

     24 September 2016 will mark the 2nd annual world aHUS Awareness Day.  Patient organizations from around the world, in collaboration as the aHUS Alliance, have issued a press release providing details within an PRNnewswire,

From the 2016 August 24 Press Release:

"The aHUS Alliance invites all stakeholders to join together to promote visibility and to highlight insights and…


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aHUS Global Site launches at

     The aHUS Alliance of patient organizations announced on 28 May 2016 the launch of an aHUS global website that will connect, inform and and encourage collaboration among stakeholders within the global aHUS community, for the benefit of all those affected by aHUS.   Visit to view this portal of worldwide aHUS connectivity.

     While national aHUS advocacy groups remain paramount for…


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24 September 2016 is international aHUS Awareness Day.

24 September 2016 is international aHUS Awareness Day.

     This week the aHUS Alliance has announced the theme for the 2016 aHUS Awareness Day as 'Rising above aHUS', with an advocacy campaign symbol of a red balloon to unite messages worldwide.  There are many common concerns that affect aHUS patients regardless of nation, culture, or language such as:  the need for quick and accurate diagnosis, access to treatment and healthcare…


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     The aHUS Alliance is pleased to announce that RareConnect will offer a webinar on 21 June at 11 am EST, with aHUS expert Dr. Christoph Licht to present analysis of the 2016 aHUS survey results. The aHUS global survey closed 15 April with 233 responses from 23 countries, responding in 6 languages.

Register here: …


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aHUS Global Poll 2016 - Results Update

      A worldwide survey of aHUS adult patients and pediatric caregivers was launched on Rare Disease Day (29 Feb 2016) and continued through 15 April 2016 to accommodate a rollout of survey translations in 6 languages.     The survey premise was that patient and caregiver poll responses can provide better understanding and insights into aHUS diagnosis, treatment, and medical care from the patient perspective.  A similar effort was conducted in partnership with RareConnect in 2014, with 214…


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2016 aHUS Family Conference - Register for the Nov. 4-6th Mtg

     The Atypical HUS Foundation is pleased to announce that the aHUS Family Conference**, in conjunction with The University of Iowa, will be held in Iowa City, Iowa on November 4-6, 2016 at the Sheraton Iowa City Hotel.  Registration is limited, FMI see details at the Eventbrite registration site: .  Questions about aHUS Family Conference?   There is a direct way to “Contact…


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OMS721: Omeros update re aHUS Clinical Trial

     In a 20 April 2016 press release, the Omeros Corporation has announced initiation of “patient dosing in its OMS721 Phase 2 program in corticosteroid-dependent renal diseases. The Phase 2 clinical trial of OMS721, the company's lead mannan-binding lectin-associated serine protease-2 (MASP-2) inhibitor being developed for complement-related diseases…”


     From the Omeros press release, “This new trial expands the company's MASP platform,…


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aHUS Global Survey – Participate Today, ends 15 April

2 DAYS LEFT – All aHUS adult patients and caregivers of pediatric aHUS patients worldwide are invited to participate in the

2016 global aHUS poll at, survey available in 6 languages.…


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aHUS Global Survey – Update: Info as of April 2, 2016

aHUS Global Survey – Open through 15 April 2016

Share your aHUS journey, survey in 6 languages (for aHUS Patients & Pedi Caregivers):…


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Mid-Point Results - 2016 aHUS Global Survey

The following blog was originally posted on the RareConnect global aHUS webpage:

Update:  MARCH 30, 2016  

NEW - Survey now in 6 languages, with survey end date extended until April 15, 2016 !

There are new 2016 aHUS global survey…


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aHUS Global Survey for Patents & Caregivers - Launched Rare Disease Day 2016

     The aHUS Alliance, an umbrella group of 15 nations with aHUS patient groups, launched a worldwide survey of aHUS patients and caregivers to mark Rare Disease Day 2016 (29 February).  A similar effort was conducted in partnership with RareConnect in 2014, with 214 respondents from 17 nations and responding to outreach in 6 different languages.  The 2014 poll included questions on common themes familiar…


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Doc to Doc Directory – aHUS Medical Expertise goes Global

     The Atypical HUS Foundation is most pleased to announce the expansion of the Doc to Doc Directory, adding three new volunteer physicians, all highly experienced in multiple and specialized aspects of atypical HUS, to our listing providing free consultation via email or phone to fellow doctors worldwide.  Our deepest thanks to all volunteers on the Doc to Doc Directory physician…


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Founder of aHUS India Recognized for Advocacy

     Kamal D. Shah, founder of Atypical HUS India, was honored this week as presenter of a keynote speech for the La Renon TANKER Foundation and his selection for their Sake of Honour Award.  Kamal was diagnosed with atypical HUS in July 1997 at age 22, and received a donated kidney from his mother a year later.  Little was known then about aHUS recurrence, and Kamal’s renal transplant failed within 11 days, requiring him to go back on peritoneal dialysis.  In circumstances to rival any…


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The aHUS Advocate – The Year in Review, 2015

     Ushering out the old and ringing in the new!  The New Year holds promise to be an exciting year, filled with innovation and opportunities within the aHUS community in America and beyond!   Not that 2015 was dreary, as a matter of fact it proved quite the opposite.

     In 2015 there were 20 aHUS regional meetings schedules across the USA, hosted by NORD and Global…


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Drug Development Overview: aHUS Community Looks for Advancements in 2016

     As 2015 draws to a close, it seems likely that 2016 will bring progress in complement therapeutics development toward clinical use.  Since a hallmark of aHUS is chronic, uncontrolled complement activation, we’re looking forward to what happens in a rapidly moving field which seems promise advancement soon.  (FMI Click Here) As with eculizumab (Soliris ®, from Alexion Pharmaceuticals), we likely will see clinical trials…


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Achillion Pharmaceuticals presents data at ASH: Small-Molecule factor D Inhbitors

     Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. distributed a press release on the first day of the American Society of Hematology meeting which was held December 5-8, 2015 in Orlando Florida.  In their December 5th  2015 press release, they announced that their company would present information regarding Achillion’s small-molecule factor D inhbitors at the 57th Annual Meeting of the ASH.…


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Akari Therapeutics to present data on Coversin at ASH

     In a Dec 5, 2015 press release, Akari Therapeutics announced that they will present new data about the efficiacy of Coversin  in eculizumab resistant patients at the 57th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting taking place in Orlando from December 5-8.

     Coversin  inhibits complement C5 activity, and is described…


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Alnylam Pharmaceuticals to present data on ALN-CC5 at ASH

     Alnylam Pharmaceuticals has announced that Alnylam scientists and collaborators will present at ASH the new results from ongoing clinical studies, to include a poster session of particular interest to the aHUS community.  One of its two of its subcutaneously administered investigational drugs, ALN-CC5, currently being explored within the context of paroxysmal…


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Ra Pharma launches Phase 1 study of RA101495

December 2, 2015

     Ra Pharmaceuticals announced today the launch of a Phase 1 study of its C5 complement inhibitor RA101495.  From the…


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CFH (Serum Complement Factor H) is a regulatory protein. The secreted protein product of CFH consists of 20 repetitive units named "short consensus repeats" or SCRs (each approximately 60 amino acids). In patients with aHUS the last 5 "pearls" in the twenty pearl strand protein, SCR16 - SCR20, should bind to protect cells but do not- they are defective in one or more of the last 5 SCR locations. If they cannot bind or stick to the kidney to protect that tissue, the platelets clump into clots that affect the glomeruli of the kidney -potentially causing acute renal failure.
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It is estimated that there are about 2 cases of aHUS in the U.S. per 1,000,000 of population, and about 60% of aHUS patients are diagnosed as children. The condition is potentially life threatening, and either can be chronic or can recur at intervals.
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