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24 September 2016 is international aHUS Awareness Day.

24 September 2016 is international aHUS Awareness Day.

     This week the aHUS Alliance has announced the theme for the 2016 aHUS Awareness Day as 'Rising above aHUS', with an advocacy campaign symbol of a red balloon to unite messages worldwide.  There are many common concerns that affect aHUS patients regardless of nation, culture, or language such as:  the need for quick and accurate diagnosis, access to treatment and healthcare options, shared data and information among aHUS researchers worldwide, and increased physician education about atypical HUS.

     The 2016 aHUS Awareness Day campaign will feature new data from the aHUS global poll, results of which will be presented in a 21 June webinar at 11 am (EST), hosted by RareConnect and  featuring analysis and poll commentary by Dr. Christoph Licht of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

Link & Info to register for the 21 June RareConnect webinar:

FMI on the aHUS Global Poll:

     What is your interpretation of the 2016 campaign theme ‘Rising above aHUS’?  Between now and aHUS Awareness Day, patients and caregivers can inform the world about what it’s like to be diagnosed with the rare disease atypical HUS, what challenges are faced in life, and the impact of aHUS on families, relationships, and school or work.  An array of 2016 campaign resources will be available for use by individuals, groups, and organizations to utilize and include in their outreach and awareness efforts.

     The aHUS Alliance encourages every nation, all individuals affected by aHUS, and corporate or medical teams to create an aHUS  Awareness Day event, plan, or project  for the 2016 September 24 campaign ‘Rising above aHUS’.  Raise your voice, raise awareness!



FMI about the aHUS Alliance, visit On Twitter, follow @aHUSallianceAct

On Twitter, follow aHUS Awareness Day info & updates at @aHUS24Sept 

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