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FACEBOOK FANS: and You CAN Make a Difference Today !

Actually, everyone reading this can make a dramatic difference in the lives of aHUS patients and their families! How often do you use an internet search engine such as Google or Bing to explore an interest area or to find information on the Web? Do you ever shop online? Join our aHUS patients and families at and and - at absolutely no cost to you- The Foundation for Children with Atypical HUS will receive a cash donation. Here's how it works.....
At, you enter through their website to shop at at more than 750+ online retailers, including Amazon, Gap, JC Penney. QVC, Best Buy, eBay, and hundreds more! When you enter their shopping portal, please enter "atypical HUS" to register us as your favorite charity and will automatically send a percentage (from 0.8% to a whopping 26.3%) of your purchases to The Foundation for Children for Atypical HUS. That's it.... so simple, yet the pennies quickly could add up with more than 200+ Facebook Fans to support our aHUS research and community goals.
Coupon codes and discounts are gladly accepted at and you can still scope out the best deal by comparison shopping! If you're surfing the web and use their companion site at, they'll donate 2 cents for every website you surf through. How easy is that? If you're going to use a search engine or shop online anyway, why not benefit our aHUS families and patients at the same time? It's free and takes very little effort....heck, even lets you download a toolbar that automatically links you to and actually displays your (tax deductible!) contribution totals.
Know any small business owners or office managers? Hey, they order office supplies all the time, right? At, you can shop online at Office Depot or Staples for example and score a tax deductible contribution to The Foundation for Children with Atypical HUS. (For example, 123 Injets offers to send The Foundation a 13.6% donation based on your total purchase with them.)
If you know anyone who travels regularly for business (or know a friend/relative who does), ask them to register us as their favorite charity at and book flights/hotel through Expedia or Orbitz or car rentals through Enterprise. Perhaps the corporate office can send office flowers through 1-800-flowers..... use your imagination!
As the holidays approach, many of your extended family members will shop online or travel - wouldn't it be wonderful if they found the perfect present or booked a flight home and at the same time donated to aHUS through Please let everyone know how they can help, whether it's getting Fido's needs at 1-88-PetMeds or a gift subscription for Aunt Gladys at MagsForLess (10% donation) or ValueMags (20% donation). A subscription to the Wall Street Journal nets a hefty 26.3% donation - plus a nice tax deduction to boot!
You'll find a link to in the Links Box on the Home Page, or you can type in and start surfing online - both are EASY great ways to support the work of The Foundation for Children with Atypical HUS. Why? We need your help, it's quick and easy for you to do (asking all your friends,neighbors, co-workers, etc. to join in and help us out) and because.....

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. (W. J. Cameron)

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Comment by Cheryl Biermann on November 12, 2009 at 11:08am
Okay, this Christmas will be my first on-line shopping experience...even when I try to buy certificates on-line through our school site, things always get messed up. I'll need some teenagers watching over my shoulder for a while I guess. Even though they've never shopped this way, they seem to have the magic touch with my computer-getting it to do much more than I can! Wish me luck.
Comment by Linda Burke on November 11, 2009 at 11:05pm
Hi Phyllis!
A little 'retail therapy' - just what the doctor ordered! I just sent some emails from that I adapted a bit, giving links for to help online shoppers take that extra click and chose aHUS to receive a percentage of sales donated by 750+ retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, etc. Hope you can pass the email along to friends and family on your email list, as those pennies could sure add up quickly during the holidays!
If you go to, below the store logos and the Facebook logo you'll find a "contact us" link that has FAQ such as links and banners. On Facebook, you'll find an app as well as an entire fan page with additional info. Thanks for getting everyone on board with this - little things DO mean a lot !
Comment by Phyllis Ann Talbot on November 11, 2009 at 8:26pm
Linda - hey there - this is awesome!! course I'm bummed b/c I just bought a ton at Toys R Us a couple of days ago for x-mas - boo!! But Snapfish donates 6.4% - that's WAY COOL!!! Anyway - trying to figure out if there's a way to copy the little box on the left side of the main page into facebook or an e-mail? That's how I added this to my browser and seemed SUPER easy - this may be more of a question for your brother? Just let me know if you can - think I have a ton of people that are buying stuff for x'mas and would love to do this - just trying to make it easy - when I clicked on that - it automatically brought in Foundation for Children with AHUS as the beneficiary and everything - thanks for doing this!



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