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II'm defying the odds, but some reason people think I'm not taking initiative and complaining, what's the deal?

I had a very heated argument with one of my family members who happens to be 7 years older than I am (makes him 30 years old).  He mentioned that he had some suite tickets for a sporting event, for the Buffalo Bills. I said "that's cool I didn't know you got those.." and I basically said it would be nice if the Bills won a few games once in a while. He goes onto say that I was hating, that I didn't like the Bills (which is true on that part-I don't...they lose almost everytime). But, the argument escalates to where he tells me after the fact that I tell him that in the past I have gotten suite tickets for free without even asking for them and I accepted (wasn't bragging at all-truth).  He goes onto tell me that he PAID for them and that I should stop accepting free things and that I should also go out and get myself a job, live life to the fullest, stop being negative all the time and be MORE positive. He goes to tell me that I complain a lot (he was basically telling me to grow up in a sense). Well... I get up the courage to stand up against up and tell him that I am doing ALL of those things and MORE. I have a job that I enjoy, it's not in my field yet but it's working with animals. I don't spend my money on luxurious items like that, because I can't afford them. I live life to the fullest and have been my entire lifetime and I don't complain unless it is needed.  For some reason, he didn't agree with that, so he told me to go "F" myself and to leave him alone, that I don't know what the real world is. Who does he think he's talking to??? I mean, GEESH at least someone in my type of situation KNOWS(and I'm sure loads of the patients and parents will agree with this) what the real world is, I have had to grow up faster than he has...he has had his life handed to him on a silver platter, but he decided to slack off and go a different route. And when he questions my ability as a Licensed Vet Tech and as a human being that really gets me ticked off.  I then go onto tell him that if he were to have a machine dragging him down, to come see me. But, before that happens...he won't know what it's like to be me and never will.  To make matters worse, he publicly humiliated me on Facebook (where this argument took place). I was only simply defending myself..because he was telling me to do things, I'm already doing.


But on the bright side, I have managed to earn more hours at my doggie daycare job and land an interview at a veterinary clinic for a part time LVT position. It's a position that I hope to get to get my feet wet in the field of veterinary medicine. I enjoy my job I have now, but I am really looking forward to put the skills I have learned to use.  So, my family member who said all of those things to me, will be completely sorry he offended me, because he really TRULY doesn't understand the odds I have overcome. All he understands is that I have been on a dialysis machine since I was very young. He hasn't truly seen me on the machine or in a hospital bed... and I HOPE and pray that he doesn't ever have to witness it. Although, I do have some family members that have seen me in that situation and it broke their hearts to see it, but it is my opened their eyes to my reality I live every single day.  I hope that IF he has to see me in that situation, it's when I receive a kidney, so he can truly see what is at stake when I receive that life-saving organ and what I will have to do to recover and keep it functioning. THAT will make me happy to let him see that, because he is so ignorant and oblivious of the world around him.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my family member, but he can be very hurtful and he can be very manipulative at times. He makes people think that I'm the bad guy, and it seems... that he's trying to get the family against me, what's wrong with this picture? I TRULY hope I get this job at the veterinary clinic, so that I can give him proof that I have a job that I am making something of myself, I have a college degree and I am proud of myself, what's wrong with being confident in yourself for once, instead of life passing you by, asking "why me?" No, I'm living life as if tomorrow will be my last day, I'm conquering everything that God has placed in front of me and I will continue as long as I have the determination to go on.

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