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Meet This Courageous Family Ready to Leave Their Country To Save Their Young Son with aHUS

Here is the story of an amazing and courageous family from India.  Deepika and Anil Jaiswal have a young son Aadhyan who has had aHUS since he was 1 year old.  He is now close to 6.  But what’s different for Aadhyan, is that unlike those in the United States (and several other countries), there is no access to the one drug that can treat his disease.  And of course that is Soliris.  Due to the expense and to IP laws in India, it just doesn’t seem likely that Soliris will make it there.  And the uncertainty of whether the new drugs that are in trials will make it to India, has caused so much stress for this family.

Aadhyan has gone through years of plasma infusions and plasmapheresis.  But this has taken a toll on his precious little body.  And lately he has been relapsing at the end of each month.

So this brave family has decided to pick up and move from where they have called home for so many years to where they can get the treatment they need for their son.  They are willing to leave their family and friends and their way of life because they love their son that much.  They are looking to move to California. 

But they will need help!  Here’s what you can do to help get the life-saving medicine for Aadhyan.  Anil needs to find work somewhere in California.  So if you live in California or have family or friends in California you could help by letting him know of any jobs available.  He will need a job to support his family here in the US but he will also need that job to get insurance to be able to afford the Soliris Aadhyan needs.  Please share this with your family and friends in case they can help.  Anil is a chartered accountant by profession in India. That is the equivalent of a CPA in the US. But because of his love for their son, he is willing to do any kind of job.

For anyone who can help this family trying to save their young son, you can email Anil at

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