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While you are welcome to read older content posted here, this website is no longer active.  New websites exist for the Atypical HUS Foundation (USA), as well as for a few other nations.  The aHUS Alliance (international advocacy in all countries) continues to expand, providing content and connections with the global aHUS website at

Multiple Facebook pages exist, and you can connect with aHUS advocacy around the world on Facebook via clicking HERE.

The new USA website is listed below, while global aHUS advocacy & resources for all nations continues at the aHUS Alliance

In America:

The Atypical HUS Foundation (USA)       On Twitter @atypicalHUS


Global aHUS:

aHUS Alliance (worldwide)   On Twitter @aHUSallianceAct


Founded by the aHUS Alliance in 2015, aHUS Awareness Day is observed yearly on 24 September.    Follow the campaign & resources:  Twitter @aHUS24Sept

Looking for the latest aHUS Info & Resources?  Click HERE - aHUS Fact Sheets & Press Kit

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