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NEW Biomarker Study announced by U of Iowa

     The University of Iowa's MORL team has just announced an innovative study that will provide researchers a better understanding  of atypical HUS, from when a patient’s aHUS first appears (acute phase) to when aHUS is brought under control (chronic phase). 


     Since rare disease populations are relatively small, especially true with aHUS patient numbers, we’re sending out a ‘Call to Action’ and asking all patients to participate. (There is no cost to participate.) There are so many unanswered questions, but data is needed to gain answers – so the the University of Iowa is launching a long-term (longitudinal) follow up of patients at all stages of atypical HUS.


     Be part of the team that sheds light on the mysteries of aHUS - and by helping researchers gain more information you're not only helping yourself to build a brighter future, your are in turn helping other aHUS patients now and in the years to come! 

      Learn More about the study, then email the University of Iowa team at  for information on next steps.

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Comment by Dana M Simone on August 18, 2015 at 8:05pm
How great that all aHUS patients can participate in new research! Thanks, Linda!



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